Introducing Flypost

Less work. More insight. Happier students.

Enhance students' experience and improve your school's image all while making your job easier. We're on a mission to improve technology and communication on college campuses. It's all you, we're just here to give you the tools you deserve.

Introducing Flypost

The simple, beautiful, powerful student engagement platform

Interesting and well-attended campus events and programming are the lifeblood of a university, and are the key to better student retention. Flypost is a digital, multi-medium student engagement platform with a content-first focus on all of the great events hosted at your university. From prospective student visits, to orientation, to graduation, Flypost helps students discover and promote the great content that defines your university, while giving you full oversight and analytics to help track and identify areas of improvement in student engagement.

content-first design

Empower your students

Students organize and host events everyday, and each one deserves to be shared with their community.

From lecture series, to club events, to study sessions, Flypost’s self-service event marketing platform is the ideal space for students, faculty, and staff to promote their events. Our content-first design make it easy for community members to discover new ways of enjoying their university experience.

Reach More

Communicate with your entire campus, not through a wall, but through their phone.

Reduce Waste

Why print tens of thousands of posters when most will get buried and go unseen?

Gain Insights

Get a better understanding of your campus climate with real-time student engagement analytics.

The platform

Content in your Flypost campus can be accessed in three different ways: our mobile native applications, the web interface, and from screens around your campus.

Native apps, native speed

Flypost for Android and iOS is designed to reach students where they prefer to recieve information. The apps keep everyone informed while on the move, so they never miss an update.

Web interface

For those who prefer a bigger screen we offer a web version of Flypost. The web is designed to meet you where you work, to make Flypost a useful tool for everyone, including your faculty and staff.


To reach your communal spaces, Flypost runs on TV screens you have around campus. Billboard is much like a poster board, but it is always up to date with events and important announcements.


Flypost gives you one central location to manage all event information. Selling tickets to those events is just a click away. Create an event in Flypost and it's shared with your community immediately, no need to send an email or put up and take down posters. Event information is a collective effort. Flypost is a platform that lets everyone contribute so that everything is in one place and information is as up-to-date and detailed as possible.


Perfect for conferences and new student orientation, schedules organize multiple events that comprise one larger unit into a neat list for attendees to use as they navigate your space.


Student Café open late tonight! Announcements are a way to communicate updates on campus to all users directly to their phones.


Groups let users stay connected with people who have similar interests. Groups can be used to plan an event, share events, and have a discussion.


Events are our focus and Flypost is expertly designed to handle them. Events are neatly organized into sections and easily searchable and shareable. Users can get updates when new events they'd be interested in are published. Users interested in an event can save it's info and set to be reminded when it is about to start.


Why deal with another system for tickets? We've integrated ticket sales and purchases right into the same platform for event management. Create an event and check a box if you want to sell tickets for it. Upon purchase, users can use their app as a digital ticket to enter the event. We provide a separate app for ushers to use to check tickets. It's simple from all sides.


Reading campus news just got easier. Your university's newspaper and other campus media feeds integrate seamlessly into Flypost.


Make group decisions, run a student election, or get feedback from your community with the built-in polls feature.


All content and structure is managed by the people who know it best

You know your institution much better than we do, so we give you the tools to customize all structure, from event sections to groups. Choose the images for each section to give the app a unique feel that aligns with your campus community. There's no need to ask or pay for customization, it's just standard. 

Event information is all user uploaded for the same reason—so that the people who know the event most deeply can describe and promote it. Having a single office in charge of maintaining event information for a campus that's home to thousands makes no sense. With everyone contributing a little bit of information, you'll get a much fuller picture of life on your campus.

Analytics & Feedback

Since everything on the platform is created and reacted to by users, Flypost generates a lot of data about your community's interests. You have complete access to this information, and we'll even provide tools to help you visualize and analyze these data. With this information at your disposal, you'll be so good at serving your community that people will think you have superpowers 



When you choose Flypost, you don't become a customer, we become partners. Our goal is to help your students succeed and enjoy their time on campus. We listen to your institution's needs and adapt our services accordingly so that Flypost delivers maximal value to you.

Our specialists will work with your IT team and student activities coordinators to make sure everyone knows how Flypost can be used.  Flypost integrates with your master calendar, student portals, and info screen systems. We'll ensure that the Flypost platform makes everyone's lives and jobs easier and more enjoyable.

And if you need any help at any point, our team is available 24 hours everyday to assist you in any way we can.

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