Our Story

Created to solve problems we experienced.

We met as college students who shared a dissatisfaction with the state of student-facing technology on our campus. We experienced the difficulty of keeping up with everything going on and lamented the wastefulness of printing tens of thousands of posters every year. So we set out to create a platform that let everyone contribute so that everything was in one place and information was as up-to-date and detailed as possible. By virtue of being digital it would be waste-free as well. Flypost is the culmination of  years of dedication to improving the student facing technology at universities.

As our ideas grew, so did our product. Eventually we formed a company so that we could effectively share our platform with universities across the country. We named it Honeyfire.

We started in Washington, and remain there today. Our main offices are in beautiful Pioneer Square in Seattle. If you're nearby, you're always welcome to stop by for some coffee and to chat with us.